Political Promises

Political Promises

We recently endured another federal election. The incumbent party returned to office. This time it was with a minority government.

A week before the election I received a phone call. It was from my MP’s office.

Hello. I’m calling from X’s office. She would like to know if she can count on your vote next week.”

Sorry. It’s nothing against her but her boss broke a number of promises. I make it a point of never voting for someone who breaks promises.”

So here’s the question, Why do we accept political promises as being less serious than a promise we make to our families or our neighbours? Until we all agree that we will not vote for someone who breaks even one promise then we will continue to elect the governments we deserve.

If I were running for office I think I would make only 10 promises. One of them would be, I promise to work hard. I know I could deliver on that one. I would also include promises about helping the environment and reducing or eliminating the deficit.

On the eve of the election I would make my 10th promise, I promise to keep half of my promises and I will decide which half later.

Is that any different than what we have now?

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