Remembrance Day – Part I

As a reservist, I paraded on Remembrance Day and was proud to do so. When the decision was made to move the traditional outdoor parade to inside the local arena I was still active.

After I left the reserves, my family and I would attend that same service. Being in the stands and watching the ceremony certainly gave a different perspective, but I was bothered by the fact that many in the audience chose to clap to the beat during the March Past. This bothered me a great deal. This was suppose to be a solemn occasion and not a hoedown. I chose to boycott that particular parade. For the last sixteen years, I opted to attend other services.

So last year I decided to give that particular ceremony another shot. I was hoping that the solemnity of the event would be preserved; after all, Remembrance Day is not a celebration, it’s an observance to acknowledge the sacrifices made by so many. As it turned out, I walked away even more disappointed.

Get this, people applauded during the laying of wreaths … DURING THE LAYING OF WREATHS! WHAT IS GOING ON FOLKS? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? THIS IS NOT A WHOOP AND HOLLER. As an aside, can someone explain to me why the Silver Cross parents received less applause than some of the other wreath layers?

I even heard people shouting WooHoo at times during the ceremony. I knew enough to refrain from being sick to my stomach. That certainly would not fit in with Remembrance Day protocols.

Am I old-school? Is this the direction things should be heading?

Lest We Forget

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