Toronto or Montreal?

Toronto or Montreal?

A former student works for the City and is a parking enforcement officer. Mike probably has the ideal temperament for such a position. He has a good sense of humour, is very respectful and polite, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has had people upset with him, but he doesn’t take it personally. He has a job to do.

During a recent conversation he told me that until he presses PRINT on his hand-held, ticketing device, he doesn’t have to issue the ticket. Often he has car owners running up to him while he is entering the car’s data. Rather than issuing a ticket he chooses to have a bit of fun. One of his shtick’s goes something like this.

Imagine a car owner approaching him. “Sorry, is my car over the time limit? I’m only a few minutes late.”

Yes, but you ARE in violation of the parking by-law.”

Yeah, but I’m just a few minutes late. Can’t you give me a break?”

Hmmm … OK, how about this, Are you a Toronto Maple Leafs fan or a Montreal Canadians fan?” At this point Mike places his index finger over the ticketing machine and waits for an answer.

Ah … Toronto?”

Ooo … Really? He places his finger closer to the machine.”


Too late with that answer, but I’ll tell you what; being a Toronto fan I feel sorry for you. I’ll not issue the ticket.

On one occasion he noticed that the vehicle in question had a New England Patriots sticker on the tailgate.

Holding his finger above the device, “Who do you prefer, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?” He then glances over at the bumper sticker.

Tom Brady?”

Ooo … Wrong answer.”

Isn’t it great when someone brings his sense of humour to work? I imagine the car owners in question enjoy telling their versions of what happened.

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