I Wanted To Express My Opinion

One evening recently, my phone rang; in fact, it was at 8:28. Karen was on the line.

Hello. My name is Karen and I am calling form X and am conducting a short opinion survey regarding the economy and the environment.”

She was interested in talking to someone between two particular ages much younger than my own. Once it was determined that it was me or no one, she proceeded.

Before we begin I want you to know that this will be recorded for quality control and training purposes.”

I jumped in, “May I ask how long this will take?”

It will be 6 – 8 minutes.”

OK. I can do that; however, I will participate on the condition that you participate in my survey.” – Reference: my Nov 2 and Nov 4, 2016 posts.

Your survey?”

Yes. I have a 4 question survey and for a number of years now I have been surveying those who want to survey me. It’s a condition of my participation. Most agree to do so.”

I’m not sure I am comfortable doing that.”

It’s only 4 questions long and will only take between 30 and 45 seconds, and I don’t record for quality control or training purposes.”

Well, I don’t think it would be proper for me to do that while at work.”

Well, I could call you at home; after all, you called me at my home. You would need to give me your number.”

I’m not comfortable doing that.”

But you are OK with calling me at my home? That’s not fair.”

Karen continued, “I’m sorry but I won’t be participating in your survey.”

Then I guess we are finished talking.”

In the amount of time we spent talking about my survey, we could have completed it.

It’s too bad. I would have liked to express my opinions regarding the economy and the environment.

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