The Handicap Bus

I forget the fine details but we had a grade 4 boy causing issues on his bus. I carried out due diligence and it was clear to me that this fellow was the root of the problem; however, his father was less convinced. It became obvious that simply talking to the parent and to the boy was not going to solve the solution. The bus driver was growing impatient.

I called the district transportation coordinator and explained the problem. I asked if having the boy travel on a different bus was possible. She looked at the bus schedules. We came up with an easy solution. I called the father.

I have a solution. I have arranged for your son to travel on a different bus.”

That’s great. He would be better off on another bus.”

This other bus travels by your house already and, unlike the other bus, has a second adult who actually sits with the students.”

That’s really good. I like that idea.”

I’ll make the arrangements and will confirm when we are ready to make the change. You’ll recognize this bus. It’s half the size of the other one, and it only has 4 students on it.”

NOT THAT BUS. He’s not travelling on THAT bus.”

This is the perfect solution. There are fewer kids on this bus and none of them are behaviour problems. Having a second adult is ideal.”

He’s not travelling on THAT bus.”

Well, it’s a solution to the problem. It would be nice to have you agree with this change but, to be honest, we really don’t need your permission to make this happen. How about this, we leave things as they are and see if matters improve on his current bus.”

Okay, let’s give it another try. I’ll talk to him.”

There were no further issues on his bus.

Problem solved.

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