Think Alouds – PART II

When a child is older and showing interest in the books you read, one has an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and encourage specific thinking skills. Questions can be asked to stimulate thought, and you can invite the child to think of his/her own questions; questions they might like to ask the characters in the book or the author.

The following are questions which one might ask of a preschool child while reading or looking at pictures:

  • Can you find the car in the picture? Can you point to something which is bigger than a car?”

  • What do you like about this picture?”

  • Do you see anything that we have in our home?”

  • What do you think is going to happen next?” (ask before turning page)

  • Did you like this story? Why?”

  • What’s your favourite colour on this page?”

The following are think alouds one might include while reading:

  • I wonder what Jack will do next. He must be curious about that beanstalk.”

  • It’s too bad the Grinch is so mean. Do you suppose he was like that as a child?”

  • Curious George really is curious. He likes to discover new things.”

  • That is one hungry caterpillar. I didn’t know they ate so much.”

  • Winnie the Pooh has some really good friends. He’s very fortunate.”

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