Naval Reserve – The Unicorn – PART I

I had twenty years service with the Naval Reserve. Over the years I held various positions and had some amazing experiences and opportunities. It was all good.

Twenty-six years ago I was involved in a project that had my unit working closely with another military organization. The project took place over the winter, and it was necessary for our group to travel to Halifax for three weekends. Fortunately, the weather cooperated each time.

We were really impressed with the level of cooperation and commitment provided by the other group. They contributed a great deal to the success of the project. By the final weekend we had decided that we wanted to show our appreciation by presenting their unit with a Brunswicker ship’s crest.

Ship’s crests are a common gift in the navy. Each unit has moulds for making plaster casts which are then painted by the Deck Department and mounted on hardwood. An engraved plaque is added with a fitting message. On the Wednesday night before our final weekend I was assured that a crest would be ready by Friday.

Two days later we were assembling at Brunswicker. The bus that would transport us to Halifax was waiting in the parking lot. The Coxswain and I were going over last minute details. He gave me some unfortunate news.

Sir, we have a problem. It looks like someone dropped the crest.”

He handed it to me. The plaster was broken. There was no way this could be repaired. He left the office to see if he could find a replacement.

A few minutes later he returned with a finished crest. It was the only other one that was ready. It was an easy job to transfer the engraved plaque to the new crest. I examined it carefully.

What the frig is that?” I gasped.

The Coxswain looked closer. “That, sir, appears to be a penis.”

Someone had taken liberties with their artistic license and added an unauthorized appendage to the unicorn.

We soon discovered it was in permanent ink.

                                                                                                                          to be continued …

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