When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time in a grade four classroom. The afternoon finished with me reading to the students. I was seated in the corner and they were gathered around, seated on foam mats.

The book made reference to fossils. One of the girls put her hand up.

When I grow up I want to be an archaeologist.”

I replied, “Interesting. Good for you. Perhaps one day you will discover a new fossil.”

Another girl spoke, “You should ask each of us what we want to be when we grow up.”

I thought that was a good idea. The day was almost over and I knew I wasn’t going to finish the book. I started to my left and asked invited students to share. I also mentioned that it was okay if they weren’t sure what they wanted to be.

Four of the boys said that they wanted to play hockey in the National Hockey League. Two girls wanted to be medical doctors and another a veterinarian. We had another archaeologist. The list of various careers was impressive. They were dreaming big.

The students were getting restless. It was time to start packing their book-bags and get dressed for departure.

A young fellow who was seated in front of me was the last to offer his response.

I want to deliver pizzas.”

You want to be a pizza delivery guy?”


Really? I think that is the first time I have heard a child mention that as a career goal.”

With his thumb he motioned to his classmates over his shoulder. “They will forget what they said or will never make it, but I know I could become a pizza delivery guy.”

You know, I truly believe that that is an easily attainable goal. Is this something you would want to do for your whole adult life?”

No. It will just be a beginning job. I will figure the rest out later.”

I like this guy.

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