To Make a Wish

As a tour guide, I often take cruise ship passengers to St Martin’s, New Brunswick. On the way down, I tell them the story of the wishing rocks. These particular stones are quite plentiful on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Basically, they are granite with a quartz vein running through. They are very easy to spot as the quartz creates a circle around the rock. They come in various sizes but it is not difficult to find one small enough to put in your pocket as a souvenir. The woman mentioned in my December 15, 2017 post was actually looking for wishing stones for her grandchildren.

Local folklore says that if you find such a stone and make a wish while running your finger around the circle, your wish will come true if you give that stone away. I think every tour guide tells that story. I have been on the beach when other buses have been in the parking lot and have often seen well over fifty people scouring the beach at one time.

During a tour last fall, I was walking on the beach and helping some of the tourists from my bus find these stones. One particular woman was quite determined to find the perfect stone. We chatted as we searched. It was getting close to departure time when I started to make my way toward the parking lot. The woman caught up to me and spoke.

I have a favour to ask.”

Sure, what can I do?”

She took my hand and placed her wishing stone in it. Her voiced lowered, “I am currently dealing with cancer. Would you please accept this stone from me.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. “Certainly I will. I would be happy to accept it.”

I didn’t have to ask her what her wish was.

The stone has since sat on the window ledge in my kitchen.

I wonder how she is doing.

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