Similar but not the Same

Andrea, a friend and former colleague, recently shared this story with me. She had been out of the school for a week. The following conversation took place after her return.

Grade 9 boy: “Mrs. L, why do you have a bong on your desk?”

Andrea: “A bong?”

“Yeah, a bong.”

“I have a bong on my desk?” (wondering exactly WHAT her substitute teacher had been up to during her absence.)

“Yeah, it’s been there for a while but I’ve never seen you use it.”

“You’ve never seen me use the bong on my desk…can you describe this bong?”

“Yeah, that round thing that you can hit with the little hammer and it goes ‘bong, bong, bong’.”

“Ahhh… the GONG. Yes, I have a gong on my desk.”

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