Enough is Enough – PART I

I recently attended the funeral of a childhood friend. While it was a celebration of his life, it was also a very solemn and sad affair.

Shortly after the ceremony began, I noticed that the teenager in front of me had a Tim Horton’s hot chocolate. I know it was hot chocolate because HC was written on the plastic lid. I wanted to scream. And then in the pew in front of him, I noticed a younger boy nursing a Gatorade. At the end of the funeral it looked to me as if they were part of the same family. I refrained from saying anything.

Now I don’t fault the boys for what I would consider to be a serious lack of judgment. Perhaps this was one of a few times they were inside a church, thinking it more as a Harry Potter type building. Reverence for sacred things and respect for the occasion may not be terms with which they were familiar. My issue would be with their parents, who were seated with them.

I have never been comfortable with people sipping on their take-out coffees during Remembrance Day ceremonies but I have seen that a number of times in recent years. BUT IN A CHURCH and DURING A FUNERAL? This is taking things to a whole new level.

I am still reeling from the fact that people applauded for each wreath that was placed during last fall’s Remembrance Day ceremony in the city. YES, THEY APPLAUDED. Folks, this is not a HOOT AND HOLLER. This is a solemn observation. YOU DON’T APPLAUD AT SUCH AN EVENT. AND YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK COFFEE. ZUT ALORS!

Far be it from me to suggest that schools should be responsible for teaching customs and traditions or to impart proper norms and behaviours. This is squarely on the shoulders of parents, but what if the parents don’t know or don’t care? What is it coming to?

Perhaps I should loosen up and look forward to the day I can take my lunch to a funeral. This would actually be quite practical, particularly if a reception is not planned for afterwards.

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