Voice From the Past?

I have degrees from two universities. Because I wait until fall to make my annual donations, I am guaranteed to receive reminder phone calls. The calls usually come in November.

On this particular evening I was home alone. I wasn’t busy. The phone rang.


Hello. I’m calling for Gary.”

This is he.”

Hello Gary. I’m Emily calling from UNB.”

Remember, I was home alone. I wasn’t busy. I decided to have a bit of sport.

Emily, Emily, Emily. How long has it been? When was it, 1981? We were at the pub in the Student Union Building. Your last words to me were, I never want to talk to you again. Do you remember I said, You’ll get over it. We’ll talk again? Well here we are, what, thirty-seven years later? It is nice to hear your voice. How have you been.”

Emily started to giggle. “I’m only twenty-one years old.”

I had her against the ropes. She was off-script. Nice.

I continued, “Oh my goodness – well this is embarrassing.”

The next sound she made was, “Ahhh …”

This meant that she was still off-script – Nice, but she quickly recovered and launched into her dialogue. I quietly listened.

I hope that she realized I was simply having a bit of fun. Who knows, perhaps she later turned to her peers and said, “Hey, this whack-job thought I was an old girlfriend of his.”

Oh, and yes, I did make a donation.

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