Into the Wilderness – PART II

… continued from Dec 28

We didn’t drive too far; after all, we would have to find our way out of the wilderness the next morning. We also knew that there were living things in the wilderness that might not appreciate our company.

There was a clearing to the left. We turned off the dirt road. The Jimmy came to a stop. It was so dark.

Being his vehicle, out team captain announced that he would be sleeping in it. It was also determined that Trevor, who had broken his leg during a game a few days earlier, would also get to sleep in the Jimmy. We agreed that it wouldn’t be right to force the gimpy guy to sleep on the ground. The three of us in the backseat exited and grabbed our sleeping bags.

I found a thicket of bushes on the other side of the road. I unrolled my sleeping bag and crawled into the brush. One of the other guys slept on the other side of the thicket. The third guy slept closer to the vehicle.

It was cold that night. I woke up several times. My sleeping bag wasn’t winterized.

Do you recall in the western movies, when the cowboys are sleeping outside on the range, and they all seem to wake up at the same time? Well, that’s what happened. I awoke in the sunlight and sat up in my sleeping bag. The guy near me did the same. I looked across the road and the other was getting up. It was a bright day.

I looked around. To my shock, we had been sleeping in the front property of a country estate. It was a large home, and the dirt road we had followed was actually part of a horseshoe driveway. Had the owners looked out of their windows a few minutes earlier, they would have clearly seen the Jimmy and three bodies laid out in colourful sleeping bags.

The owners must have been asleep when we arrived the night before, or, perhaps, there was no one home. Had there been a light on we would have surely seen it. It looked like the kind of place that one phone call would bring a lot of State Troopers. We quickly gathered our things and exited the way we came.

We never did find the wilderness, but this made for a better story.

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