Two Tired

Back in September I was serving as the tour guide for a group of grade 9 students from Rio de Janeiro. It was a class trip, and the students and their teachers were touring southern New Brunswick. On this particular day, we were in Fredericton and the group arranged for bicycle rentals through a recreation company. Two of the boys were not comfortable taking part in the ride. Davi was new to riding and Sam had never ridden before. I offered to stay behind and teach Sam how to ride a bike.

As Davi practiced his skills in a large parking lot, I worked with Sam. After a half hour of instruction, he was able to keep his balance. He was riding for the first time. He handed me his phone and asked me to take a video to send to his mother back home.

At this time, a car approached me. Apparently, the man inside had been watching us. He put his hand out the window, “Take this.” I was a bit hesitant. He continued, “It’s something for the boys.”

I held my hand out. The fellow handed me a twenty dollar bill. “Buy the boys a treat. They are doing well.”

He drove off. I was in in somewhat of a state of shock. I was able to yell a thank-you to him as he exited the parking lot.

An hour later, Davi, Sam and I met up with the rest of the group. With a broad smile on his face, and to the applause of his classmates, Davi rode his bike through the crowd. It was then I realized I had yet to teach him how to turn around. He kept going.

Fortunately, he knew enough to stop the bike, pick it up and turn it around. He returned to the group with much fanfare.

It was the highlight of my week.

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