The Rat Trap

My first teaching job was in Newfoundland. My home was in a small town. It was an active and fun place to live.

The town included a movie theatre; actually, it was a garage. An older couple ran B listed movies, or older popular ones, on weekends. The local students referred to the establishment as The Rat Trap.

Apparently, the couple wanted it known that theirs was a reputable enterprise. If a movie contained explicit sexual content, it would be edited out; well, it wasn’t actually edited out, the woman simply held her hand over the lens. The audience could hear exactly what was happening in the movie but the visuals were not projected. Occasionally, you could see shards of light on the screen coming through the woman’s cupped hand.

It was nice to know that there was a business that still stood upon high moral ground. If nothing else, it actually made the movies more entertaining for those in attendance.

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