Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

Father Peters was the campus chaplain. His apartment was directly behind my residence. I had known him for years, as he was a family friend, and it was nice to run into him often during my time there.

Monte never locked the door to his apartment. He made it available for any who wanted to have a meeting or crash on a couch. He also had a spare bedroom for those who were visiting or passing through.

On occasion, while making our way back from a pub, my buddies and I would stop by to see what he had in the fridge. A late night peanut butter and jam sandwich was the usual fare. I would always leave a thank-you note.

Father Monte loved to tell the story of the evening he came home to find a meeting was underway, in his front room. When he entered, the conversation stopped and everyone looked at him. He didn’t recognize a soul. He was the first to speak.

Hi. Have any of you seen Monte?”

People shook their heads or answered, No.

OK, thanks. Have a good meeting.”

Monte turned and retired to his bedroom.

Monte has the greatest laugh and a good sense of humour. He is loved by all.

What a great guy.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin.

— Mother Teresa


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