Ed was a custodian I worked with early in my career. We became good friends. Over the years he would often visit our home, and I was treated to many meals at his place. He was particularly fond of playing cards and enjoyed a game or two when my son and I would stop in for a visit.

Every Saturday night, Ed would play cards at a small community centre out in the country. For years he was after me to join him and to meet his card-playing friends. As an added bonus, Ed told me that the women-folk always brought along food to be enjoyed after the card playing. After years of his encouragement I finally agreed.

It was a Saturday night in December. When we entered the hall it was quite obvious I was the youngest person in the room; in fact, there was a fair gap between me and the next youngest person. Regardless, Ed’s friends welcomed me, and we had a fun evening of cards.

At the end of the night, the cards and score sheets were put away and people lined up to enter the pantry. Ed turned to me.

Now it’s snack-time. Follow me.”

I followed Ed. When we entered the pantry I was amazed with the amount and variety of food.

Ed, wow. When you referred to snacks I didn’t picture this. This is quite the spread.”

Ed leaned in and whispered. “Well, there was a funeral today and we get the left-overs.”

This made me wonder, do they have a bigger turn-out for card night on funeral days?

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