Slob Night

When my children were young, they were encouraged to use proper etiquette when dining at the table. In addition to being taught how to place and use their utensils properly, instruction included how to use a napkin, how to pass and request items at the table and other relevant manners. If they didn’t learn this at home there was a chance that they would never learn it from others. I certainly didn’t expect schools to be responsible for such instruction.

To make this experience more enjoyable, they were able to achieve points for successive days of using proper etiquette. After several months of gaining points they were rewarded with a Slob Night.

For Slob Night they chose the menu, and etiquette was tossed out the door. Utensils were optional. He only rule was, you had to wash your hands really well. You can imagine why.

As I recall, spaghetti was always the meal choice with chocolate pudding for dessert. We would laugh away as we would dig in with our fingers or hold plates up to our faces. The combination of red sauce and dark pudding made for interesting patterns on our faces.

When I say “our” I should mention that my wife never participated. She was happy to prepare the meal but opted to continue using utensils. But I was all-in with the kids.

I miss Slob Night.

But I do have grandchildren on the way.  Hmmm…..

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