Would You Like an Upgrade?

This is Post #200 – go figure.

Tara A, thank you again for steering me in this direction. Writing these stories has been very therapeutic and has helped in the transition from teaching to retirement.


Many years ago I taught a fellow in a grade 10 remedial math class. He was a nice guy but very lazy and, academically, he lacked motivation. It was frustrating trying to get him to navigate through the course.

On this particular day I thought we should have a chat.

Devon, what do you plan on doing after you graduate?”

Oh, come back for upgrading.”

Come back for upgrading? Devon, you’re in grade 10 and you are already planning on the need to return after graduation?”

Yeah”, he said as if that was a natural progression.

Here’s a thought, why not do a good enough job during the next two years so that you DON’T need to upgrade? Work hard enough so that you can get out and get on with your life.”

Hmm…. , I suppose.”

I am pleased to report that, in fact, that he did not return for upgrading.

Last month I received a text from a buddy of mine, Devon says hi. How they made the connection with me I am not sure but, according to my friend, Devon has a trade and was doing an install for him. I was happy to hear that news.

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