Growing up, I associated tattoos with sailors and bikers. Now they seem to be somewhat in fashion, and tattoo artistry had become quite the fad.

Now if I can see a person’s tattoo then I think it is fair game to inquire; after all, if they are visible then the person wants them to be seen.

Recently I was at the check-out of a grocery store and the woman, in her thirties I assumed, had a tattoo on the inner side of right forearm. There was no one behind me at the check-out.

“May I ask about your tattoo?”

“Certainly”, she smiled.

“What is the story?”

She turned her arm over and pointed to some writing. She read, “Inhale the future, exhale the past.” She then explained that she had once gone through a difficult time and found comfort in that expression.

“Interesting. Thank you for sharing. That will be my thought for the day.”

She then pointed to the silhouettes of five birds that were hovering above the words. “This represents my family.” She pointed to the larger bird, “This is my husband.” She continued as she pointed out each silhouette, “And this is me, this is my eldest, this is my middle child and this is the youngest.”

“Nice. I see there is room for more birds.”

“OH NO, we are done with the birds. There will be no more birds”, she chuckled.

I laughed and thanked her for sharing. I was tempted to ask her what the plan was for her tattoo in case, in 10 years, the big bird decided to fly away with another bird, but I kept that question to myself.

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