Student Teaching # 2

Originally I planned on posting this one in November 2015. Where does the time go?

My first internship was at St .Vincent’s High in Saint John. It was an all-girls school with a very welcoming and dedicated staff. It was a great placement for my first time out.

My internship was for six weeks. One of my goals was to impress my cooperating teachers to the point where they felt confident allowing me to take over their classes by the end of the second week. Half was through that week, Lynne told me that I had the green light. The next morning I would be on my own.

My homeroom was a grade 12 Chemistry class. I have to admit that I was somewhat anxious, but excited just the same. I began the class by taking attendance. All were present.

During the next several weeks there was at least one student absent each morning. It was a large class so I suppose that wasn’t unusual.

Exactly three weeks after my first solo morning I was seated at “my” desk and taking attendance. All students were present.

Now, as a sidebar, it is worth noting that one of the characteristics of being an extrovert is that one tends to speak before thinking. This has caused me embarrassment a number of times over the years, particularly early in my carer.

“Ladies, it is interesting to note that it has been exactly three weeks since we have had perfect attendance. You girls must be on a three-week cycle.” OMG, I can’t believe I just said that. And in front of an all-girls class. OMG!

I don’t know how red my face turned but it felt like it was going to explode. I quickly opened the bottom drawer of the desk and pretended to be looking for something deep inside. This enabled me to hide, at least, a portion of my face.

After the giggles subsided and my colour returned to somewhat normal, I returned my duties. I think it took a while longer for my heart rate to come down.

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