A good friend of mine is a professional actor in Toronto. We went to high school and university together, and we share a lot of stories.

In addition to acting, he teaches a college course called Improv for Business. The course teaches improvisational skills, those same skills used by actors in live performances. While this might seem like a rather non-traditional approach, just think about it. The course enables you to refine your interpersonal and communication skills, and helps you think on your feet and work as a team. These are all excellent skills to take into the world of business.

He has done this for a number of years and, of course, the scheduling of the program is dependant on sufficient enrolment. One fall he was advised that the course would proceed but that only six students were enrolled. Given the nature of the subject he would have preferred a much larger class, but he was thankful for the fact that the course was going ahead.

On the first night, only five of the six students were present. He noticed that they were all female. They all appeared to be rather shy. It was determined that four of them were international students for which English was not their first language.

The first part of that class was used to make introductions. He then asked them to share if they had any acting experiences or had taken any improv workshops before. It seemed rather unusual that not one of the students had any real stage experience. After some awkward silence one of the international students admitted that they thought the course was called Improve for Business.

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3 thoughts on “Improv

  1. It conforts me to know I am not the only one guessing and, in some ways, having to “improv” because I do not always get it all in “Shakespeare’s language”, even after many many years. Smile!


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