Matthew – Part II

I finished my teaching career at HHS. I taught Chemistry there for six years.

Because MCS fed into HHS, for the first five years I had at least two former kindergarten students in each of my chemistry classes. Few teachers could claim such a connection with his/her students.

During my sixth year, it was only in my grade 12 chemistry classes that I had former K students.

Matthew had been in the last kindergarten class I taught at MCS. He was also a student in the very last chemistry class I taught.

It was a Friday in early June and the last day of classes. Although exams were set to begin the following Monday, it felt a bit weird knowing that this was the last actual class I would be teaching before I retired. As the class neared its completion I had an idea.

Matthew, do you mind staying behind for a few moments after the bell?”

No problem, sir”

After the class ended, a few students gathered around with questions. Matthew waited patiently. After the other students left I turned to Matthew.

Matthew, you were in the last kindergarten class I taught at MCS. I think it is fitting that you are in the last class I teach before I retire. I think it would be cool if the two of us walked out the door together.”

We shook hands and exited the room together.

Matthew, thank you for being part of my journey.

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3 thoughts on “Matthew – Part II

  1. I am enjoying your blogs, Gary but this one about you and Matthew’s journey was particularly touching. Keep on trucking’! 🙂


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