Not Smelling of Roses

Not Smelling of Roses

A few weeks back I met a couple from the U.S. Once the husband and wife learned that, like them, I too was a retired teacher, they had a number of questions about our education system. We also shared a few stories.

She told me of the time when one of her very young students had been sprayed by a skunk on his way to school. As she described it, within seconds of this young fellow entering the school it was obvious what had happened. Before arrangements were made for him to be taken home, his teacher said, “Suggest to your parents that they use tomato juice.”

The next morning the fellow returned to school, but the intensity of the odour hadn’t diminished much. When she asked him if they tried using tomato juice he grimaced and said, “Yeah, my parents made me drink a full glass.”

Score at least one for the skunk.

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