Just Ticketyboo

When asked the question, How are you today?, how do you answer it? I suppose your response would vary depending on whether you were considering your metal, physical, spiritual or emotional state. Let’s face it, when asked the question, in most cases the person really doesn’t want you to answer it. It is simply a form of salutation.

For the last number of months I have been answering the question this way:

Hi G, how are you today?”

Thank you. How are you?”

Note, I didn’t answer the question, but rarely does the person even notice.

I was in the school office one day when a parent entered. She asked the secretary, “How are you today?”. The response was, “Just ticketyboo.”

This got me thinking, where on the scale of 1 to 10 does ticketyboo fall? According to Oxford Dictionaries, ticketyboo means in good order; fine. I suppose it is not as high on the scale as Just Awesome or Excellent, but it must be higher than Okay or Not too bad.

Personally, I am not sure where I am on the scale but, of late, I feel more boo than tickety. I suppose I can blame that on my Man-Cold.

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One thought on “Just Ticketyboo

  1. Read your blog in Hungary this am and commenting from Austria. Wondering if our French ” tiguidou ” is inspired by your ticketydoo… I never saw the expression written in English before, so I always thought it was the French expression used in an English twist when I heard it. Smile !


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