Thinking of You

There is a younger woman who attends the same gym I do. By many, she would be described as being very attractive. She would always be listening to music and have her ear-buds in so we never actually talked. We would often nod a greeting but that would be it.

One morning, several months ago, I had completed a workout on the cross-trainer. After I dismounted I noticed that she was on the stair-climber positioned behind me. I looked up and nodded a greeting. She took out her ear-buds and spoke.

You know, I thought about you this morning.”

She had my attention.

She continued, “I guess you don’t remember me. You taught me physics twenty years ago.”

As soon as she told me her name I remembered her. Not only was she in my physics class but she also played rugby for me for a season. She told me about her education, her three children and her career. It was nice to get caught up and to learn about her success in life.

I had to ask, “But I am curious. Why were you thinking about me this morning?” A few possible reasons were running through my mind.

She replied, “As I was leaving the house to go to work I looked over at our flat-screen TV. I remembered how you once told us that the day would come that TV’s would be so thin we would be hanging them from our walls. I thought you were crazy.”

It was nice to know that she still thinks about me.

It’s also nice to know that she no longer thinks I am crazy.

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