How’s Retirement?

I’ve known Miles for 30 years. Earlier in my career I taught his children. He’s 67.

Miles had a parcel of land for sale. My son was interested in looking at it and he invited me along. When we arrived Miles met us and we shook hands. Although I have know him for over half of my life it had been a few years since we chatted.

He looked at me, “So Gary, how is retirement?”

Miles, it’s like this. For 32 years years I worked at the carnival. Every morning I put the coffee on for my colleagues. Over the years I was responsible for different rides and worked with a lot of different people. I enjoyed working at the carnival but I was growing tired. Now that I am retired, I get to enjoy the carnival and all of its attractions, and every day is bracelet-day.”

Miles nodded and smiled. We then toured the property.

When we were finished my son said, “Miles. May I ask why you are selling this land.”

He hesitated then smiled and said, “Well, it’s like this. I don’t have a retirement plan and I’m still working the carnival.”

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