To the Rescue

One day after school I was working in my classroom. All was quiet when I recognized a voice in the hallway. It was a colleague and I could tell that he was on a rant. I didn’t know who he was talking to but I was thankful it wasn’t me.

After a few minutes I exited my room to do some photocopying. I saw my colleague down the hall. He had the editor of the yearbook cornered and was carrying on about the latest directive from the Department of Education. He was pacing back and forth and waving his arms. When he needed to vent, he needed to vent, and it didn’t matter that the recipient of his latest tirade was a grade 12 student. I nodded and carried on.

Several minutes later I returned to my classroom and saw that his vesuviation continued. The student had a look of helplessness. I felt sorry for him.

I approached the two and said to the student, “Sorry to interrupt your conversation but when you have a few minutes could you drop by my room?”

My colleague then said to the student, “You go ahead. I have probably blabbered on enough.”

When the student entered my room his first words were, “Thank you.”

I responded, “You do know that I don’t have anything I need to talk to you about.”

I know. This is a rescue operation.”

I replied, “You best stay here for a few minutes so it looks like we actually had a conversation.”

He agreed that that was a good idea. After two minutes he cautiously made his was to the yearbook room.

I suppose I saved the day; well, his anyway.

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