My Old School – Part II

We continued on our tour and arrived at the library. It was the same space that served as the library when I was a student, but it seemed smaller. The first thing I noticed was the multitude of computers. There were also far fewer books. We walked to the far corner.

Colin, right here was a carousel filled with National Geographic magazines.”

What’s a carousel?”

I explained then added, “You might appreciate why I remember the National Geographic magazines when you get a bit older.”

Later that evening I was talking to Mr. B. who was the vice-principal when the school opened. He spent most of his career at that school. I told him about the carousel and the National Geographics.

He replied, “Ah yes. African boobies.”

I am sure that over the years many students developed an attraction for certain editions of that magazine. But for that school, my grade 5 and 6 buddies and I were among the first.

Ah, the innocence of youth.

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