My Old School – Part I

Havelock School is set for demolition this summer. It’s hard to believe. I was a student there when it first opened.

A final open-house was held last week. It had been 46 years since I last walked the halls. I felt the need to attend.

When I first entered the building, Colin, an eight-year-old student, came over to me. I explained my connection to the school and made reference to all the memories.

Do you want me to give you a tour?”, he asked.

Sure”, I responded.

We walked the bottom floor first. He showed me his classroom. I explained that it had once been my grade 4 class.

He asked, “Was Mrs. Smith your teacher?”

No, it was Miss Fleming. Who is Mrs. Smith?”

She’s my teacher.”

Well, Colin, it has been 50 years since I first went to this school. I can’t imagine she was teaching here then.”

Well, she’s really old.”

She would have to be if she taught here 50 years ago.”

I later asked the school secretary, a former classmate of mine, about Mrs. Smith.

May I ask, do you know how old Mrs. Smith is?”

I’m not sure, in her 40’s I suppose. She has a 12-year-old son.”

Wow! If, as Colin explained, Mrs. Smith is really old what does that make me.

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One thought on “My Old School – Part I

  1. I so get how you are feeing…. I am starting to feel old at 70. Rob-not so much-he doesn’t know how old he is-lucky him! Interesting story about the school-the more things change, the more they remain the same. I bet Miss Fleming looked old to you…..


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