What’s in a Name?

Back when I was in high school, a buddy of mine decided that he wanted to stop by a local tavern for a beer. I don’t think he was particularly thirsty for such a beverage, I think he just wanted to be able to say that he had been served. You see, he was eighteen and the drinking age was nineteen.

Now this was back in the days before photo ID’s were a requirement. He had a part-time job working in the shoe department at Sears, and before he left work he borrowed a non-photo ID from one of his older colleagues. On the way home he got off the bus several blocks from his home and entered the tavern. The waiter came over to take his order.

After Brian named his favourite beer, the waiter asked if he had any ID. Brian pulled the fake ID out of his wallet and handed it over. The waiter looked at the ID, looked at Brian then looked back at the ID.

This ID says that you Steven Gallant.”

That’s right”, Brian answered.

But aren’t you actually Brian Campbell?”

Brian was stunned. How did the waiter know that? He had never seen the guy before.

My friend admitted that he was, in fact, Brian Campbell but asked how the waiter knew that. The waiter pointed to Brian’s shirt.

Brian looked down and saw that he was till wearing his Sears, Hello, My Name is Brian Campbell name-tag.

He didn’t get that beer he wanted.

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