Second Wind

During the year I spent at the District Office my title was, Supervisor of Middle and High Schools. I would often receive calls from parents who were unhappy with decisions made by principals. One day I received a call from a father who was upset that his son was warned of a possible suspension. I asked him to detail the circumstances.

He explained that his son was with friends during the noonday break and that his buddies had been smoking marijuana. Of course, his son didn’t partake in the activity, he was simply present when the doobies were being smoked. When the son returned to school the smell of marijuana was on his clothes. He was told by the school principal that if it were to happen again then he would be looking at a suspension.

I asked, “Let me get this straight, he wasn’t actually suspended. He was told if it were to happen again then he would receive a suspension?”

That’s right”, the father responded.

How about this, the next time his friends are going outside to smoke a joint he simply stays behind?”

Well, they ARE his friends. He likes to hang out with them.”

I had to ask, “I’m curious, how do feel about the fact that your son is chumming around with guys who like to smoke dope during the school day?”

The father explained that he wasn’t impressed with the fact; however, he pointed out again, that they were his friends.

I continued, “I can’t endorse the notion of taking drugs or being stoned at school, but how about this, the next time you son’s buddies light up a joint, he stands upwind of them?”

The father thought that that was a good idea.

I do believe that every problem has a solution.

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