This Little Light of Mine – Part III

……….. continued from last post

It was three years later. I was presenting a physics-based lesson to a grade 5 class in another school. I don’t recall why I had an actual candle, perhaps the activity was about light, but at one point I pulled it out of my box of materials. We were sitting in a circle, and when I produced the candle a boy immediately sat up straight and started waving his arm.

Can I have that?”, he asked.

Why do you want the candle?”’ I responded.

Can I touch it?” He was almost turning himself inside out while extending his arm toward me.

I had no idea as to why he wanted the candle but he was so passionate in his plea. I handed it to him. He immediately put it in his mouth and, to the amazement of his classmates, bit down on it.

He looked up at me, slowly opened his mouth and withdrew the candle. I can still see the small flecks of paraffin stuck to his teeth and the bite marks on the candle. He stared at me as if I had done him a great injustice.

I suddenly knew what had happened. He was in that grade 2 class three years earlier. “Were you in Mr. Morgan’s class when you were in grade 2?”

He slowly nodded with his mouth open and bits of wax still stuck to his teeth.

I didn’t see that coming.

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