In my 32 years of teaching I never sent a student to the office; well, I suppose, for 7 years I WAS the office. To be specific, I never told a kid to get out of my class. There were many who were referred to the office due to behaviour concerns, but to tell a child to leave during class time never made sense to me.

For the few who WERE out-of-control, I called down to the office and arranged for an administrator to come and escourt them out. To simply send a defiant and disrespectful student to the office meant that you might end up with a free-range, behaviourally-challenged problem wandering the hallways.

During one class, a few years before I retired, the secretary called into my room and asked that a particular student go down to the office. This student was academically talented and was always pleasant and cooperative. I believe the reason she was called down to the office had to do with a conflict she had on her schedule.

As she was getting up to go to the office I asked her to sit down. I then explained to the class that I had never sent a student the office but wanted to know what it felt like.

Melissa, get OUT OF MY CLASS. Go to the office, NOW!”

Even under the guise of humour, it didn’t feel that good. But the class had a good chuckle..

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