A Fish Story

My friend Al retired a few years ahead of me. He taught elementary school. He kept fish in his classroom and loved to teach his students about fish aquaculture.

He decided he was going to show his grade 5’s a fish dissection. He had two large trout and, before class, dissected one of them. His class studied the dissected fish, and he had two of his students dissect the second one while others looked on.

A parent happened to drop by and asked if he would like enough fish so that all the students could do their own dissection. He took her up on the offer and on a Friday two dozen smelt (osmeridae) were dropped off. Knowing it would be the next week before he would get to the activity he put the fish in several plastic, zip-lock baggies. He placed them in the staffroom freezer.

During the day on Monday a student in grade 1 happened to fall on the playground and bump his head. To comfort the young fellow a teaching-assistant was asked to get him an ice-pack from the staffroom. One was retrieved and the little guy held it to his head while sitting in class.

A short while later the young fellow started waving his hand and said, “Teacher, Teacher, I have a fish on my head.”

Actually, he had several.

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