Waisting Away

Waisting Away

I love the sport of rugby and am coming to grips with the fact that my playing days are coming to an end. I am making the transition into refereeing but I am going on the belief that I still have a few games to be played.

Last June I suited up for a game (C Division – for those on the way up and those on the way out). It had been over a year since I last played (knee surgery the year before) so it was nice to get back in the game. When it ended, one of my teammates called me over for a photo. There were four of us in the picture. The other three were guys I had taught when they were in kindergarten. Now how cool is that?

I was reminded of a B Division game I played seven years ago. I was hooker (the guy in the middle of the front row of the scrum) and the two props (guys either side of me) were also former students; in fact, they were just finishing high school.

As we were warming up for the game, one of the other players looked at us and said to me, “You know, the combined ages of your two props should AT LEAST add up to your own age.”

I did some quick math and answered, “Actually, their combined ages doesn’t even add up to my waist size.”

I guess that’s not so cool.

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