A Teachable Moment

A Teachable Moment

Not long ago my son and I were sitting down at one of our favourite breakfast spots. Two waitresses approached us – one familiar to us, the other was new. The woman we knew spoke first.

Good morning. This is Lisa, this is her first day. She is going to be taking your order but I am going to listen in. I am mentoring her.”

Now I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew the order of questions that would be asked. Typically I would just recite my order; however, Lisa was new and needed the training so I let her ask the questions. Our orders were taken in an efficient and pleasant manner. Lisa was off to a good start.

As our dining experience ended Lisa presented us with the bill. I saw this as an opportunity to ply my trade as a teacher.

Lisa, thank you for being our waitress. As you are just starting out in this job do you mind if I offer you a few pointers?”

By all means. Please do.”

I suggest you not be one of those waitresses who asks every two minutes, How is everything?”

Good advice. Thank you.”

Oh, and avoid asking that question immediately after the diner has just put food in his or her mouth.”

I’ve already be advised on that one but thank you.”

And one other suggestion, whenever referring to utensils, always refer to the fork last; for example, Can I get you a new knife and fork?, never say the word fork first.”

I have never heard that suggestion before. Why is that?”

Well, if you say, May I get you a clean fork ‘n knife?, the person might think you are saying the F-Word and respond accordingly: A clean f**kin’ knife? No, I need a clean f**kin’ spoon.”

It could save you some embarrassment.

Good advice”, she said. “I’ll have to remember that.”

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