BLT #2

BLT #2

A few weeks back I stopped at a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop to get a sandwich. It was the same spot I refer to in my May 13th post; in fact, the circumstances were very similar – I was between meetings and it was past suppertime. I was hungry.

This particular shop is located in a commercial district. It is very busy during the day but very quiet after 6:00. I was the only patron in the building but there seemed to be a steady flow of traffic through the drive-thru.

I told the high-school aged fellow behind the counter that I wanted a BLT sandwich – no coffee, no doughnut – just the sandwich. He said that they were all out of buns.

Really, no buns?”

Sorry, we ran out. All we have is the bread we use for making panini sandwiches.” He motioned to a plastic bag containing thinly sliced bread.

Well, could I have a BLT on that bread?”

……… Sure, why not.”

I paid him for the sandwich. “Will you be making the sandwich?”

I’m not a sandwich maker but I will make this one for you.” I continued to be the only patron in the building.

He slid over and put on plastic gloves. He then turned to his colleagues working the window, “Hey, what do you put on a BLT?”

Bacon, lettuce and tomato”, they replied simultaneously.

What else?” he asked.

One of them answered, “Ask the customer.”

He looked at me and asked, “Do you want onions?”

Onions? Really? I’ve never heard of that. Hmmm …. why not? Hey, that would make it a B L O T, a blot. Yeah, make me a blot. Actually, bolt sounds better. Make me a B O L T. And young man, I want you to make it as if you are making it for yourself.”

He placed two slices of the bread on the counter. He started in on the sandwich.

What would you like for the dressing?”, he asked.

What would you put on your own sandwich?”


OK. Let’s do mayo.”

We are all out of mayo.”

Hmmm… How about ranch?”

He inverted the plastic, ranch dressing bottle and started to squeeze.

We seem to be out of ranch also”, he apologized.

Tell you what, I’ll have my first BOLT without any dressing. Let’s have it straight up.”

He wrapped the sandwich for me, I thanked him and off I went.

I would like to think that I later enjoyed the world’s first BOLT ever, but somebody out there probably puts onions on his BLT’s.

I enjoyed it but I think it will be my last one. I found that the onion took away from the flavour of the bacon. With that being the case, I think it is better to be called a BLOT rather than a BOLT.

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