New Technology

New Technology

I was teaching at B.R.H.S. when Smart Boards were making their way into the classrooms. They were integrated over several years with 2 and 3 arriving at a time. The young teachers were really keen to have this technology in their rooms, and I was getting closer to retirement. When asked if I would like a Smart Board my response was, “Sure, but only after everyone else has one. You can leave me till last.”

One day, as class had just started, a student said, “Mr. Caines, when are you getting a Smart Board?”

I’m not sure but, actually, I prefer to have a more advanced technology.”

Yeah? What’s that?”

It’s called a Remote Hand-Held Wireless Information Transference Device.” I had their attention.

Really? I’ve never heard of that.”

Don’t feel bad. I suspect that most of the new teachers are not familiar with it either.”

How does it work?”

Well, believe it or not, this device is mind-controlled and has the ability to transfer my thoughts onto any flat surface.”


Oh yeah. Let me demonstrate. Right now I am thinking of the word DOG. Now watch this.”

At this point I reached down and retrieved a piece of chalk from the ledge. I pressed it against the board. Magically, the letters D, O and G appeared as my hand moved from left to right. I then turned and held the stick of chalk out for all to see.

Not only is this device hand-held, portable and wireless, it doesn’t need electricity.”

I would like to think that they were impressed with this innovative technology, but, if they were, they didn’t express it.

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