Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob’s Your Uncle

I have one of those surnames that is seldom mispronounced but ofter misspelled. It’s not a big deal but when picking up packages or checking reservations I often find myself saying, “That’s Caines with a C.” I have had messages addressed: Cain, Canes, Caine, Cains, Kane, Kanes. Again, it’s not a big deal – just something I have learned to expect.

Now what I don’t get is how often my first name is written with two R’s. Really? How many Garrys are out there? I have never met a two-r’ed Gary. I know Larrys, Barrys, Harrys Jerrys but no Garrys; yet, when someone is writing out my name I often feel the need to say, “That’s Gary with one R.”

When my wife and I married, I gained an Uncle Bob. He was my mother-in-law’s older brother. We all loved Uncle Bob. He was very knowledgeable and insightful. I really enjoyed any time we had together.

For the longest time, Uncle Bob would spell my first name with 2 Rs. I never corrected him – it really didn’t matter. Later in our relationship we would often communicate via e-mail and, sure enough, his opening salutation would include an extra R.

The day came when he realized his error. He apologized for having added an extra R to my name all those years. I replied, “That’s OK Uncle Bob. I often caught myself wanting to add an extra O to your name.”

I can hear him laughing now.


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