Spoiled for Choice

Spoiled for Choice

After five years of being a principal I decided I wanted (needed) a break. I was going to return to the classroom for a year; however, that summer I was asked if I would consider working at the District Office. I accepted the offer and for the next year my title was, Supervisor of Secondary Schools.

One of my responsibilities was to oversee the placement and transfer of students. Each school served a geographic location so one’s address determined the place of learning; however, many students wanted to attend schools outside of their area. This was often due to certain programs or sports being offered.

In the largest populated area of our District we had two high schools and they were less than 3 miles apart. The one question I had asked of me more than any other that year was, How do I get my child transferred to the other school? Just because a parent made the request did not mean that it would be granted. There was a process to be followed.

Hello Mr. Caines. My son is having difficulty choosing which high school he would like to attend.”

Well, actually, based on your address he should be attending R. High. If he wishes to attend K.High. then he needs to apply for placement there.”

Yeah, he just doesn’t know if he wants to go to Drug High or Gay High.”

I’m sorry?”

He’s not sure which one he wants to go to.”

Sorry, I am not familiar with those terms. May I ask which is which?

Why R. is Drug High and K.is Gay High?”

Why is it called Gay High?”

Because it has a lot of female lesbians.”

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.”

This was fourteen years ago. I was tempted to ask exactly what a female lesbian was but it really was irrelevant. But to this day I am still curious.

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