Something in the Air – II

I arrived at work at my usual time and was sitting at my desk when the secretary arrived. She entered my office. We exchanged greetings.

She then said, “What is that smell?”

I don’t know. I don’t smell anything.”

Huh”, she said. She left.

I had a few hours before my first class. I decided that during that time this would be a paperwork marathon. I was determined to reduce the pile on my desk significantly.

A while later, a teacher came into my office. I forget what we discussed but I do recall him saying, “What is that smell?”

I don’t know. I don’t smell anything.”

Really? You can’t smell that?”


Huh.” He left.

Now I was getting paranoid. I walked around my office taking in deep breaths. I didn’t notice anything until, at one point, I looked straight down. Yes, there was a strange odour, and it seemed to be coming from my shirt.

By this time school was in. I asked the secretary to call my son down to the office. He arrived. I asked him to come into my office and close the door.

Do you smell something weird?”, I asked.

Yes, and it’s not nice.”

Really?” I stood. “Walk toward me, will you, and tell me if it gets stronger.” He confirmed that it did. “I think it is coming from my shirt.”

Well, it smells like cat pee.”

A light suddenly went on. We had a new cat at home and one that didn’t like me at all. It was a rescue cat. We already had two cats and my wife thought, why not a third – this one needs a home. But it didn’t like me. If I approached, it would tear off in a different direction and hide. I don’t think I ever got within five feet of it.

I suddenly recalled ironing my shirt that morning. It was on top of the laundry basket which is why I probably chose that one for the day. Something did smell funky when I pressed the hot iron on it. Why an alarm didn’t go off I wasn’t sure. My mind was probably already thinking about the paperwork awaiting me at work.

I then realized, that cat REALLY doesn’t like me. It decided to leave me a message. I wondered if it giggled when I left for work that morning.

I jumped in my car and headed home (only a 3 minute drive) to get another shirt. When I entered, the cat was sitting on the couch. I looked at it. It looked at me.

I swear the thing was grinning.

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