A Sleight of Hand

A Sleight of Hand

When I was a preschooler we had milk delivered to the door. My mother would leave out the empty bottles and the milkman would exchange them twice a week. The city was served by two dairies, Baxter Dairies and General Dairies and our milk came form General Dairies.

Occasionally we would get low on milk and it was necessary to pick up a bottle at the store. If it was from Baxter’s I refused to drink it. It didn’t taste good at all. I was a bona fide General Dairies four-year-old.

The solution? My mother would simply keep some General Dairies pogs on hand. Pogs were the round cardboard discs that sealed the top of the milk bottle. They had the name and logo of the dairy on it. If she picked up milk from Baxter’s she replaced the pog with one from General Dairies. I would see the pog on top of the bottle and I was good to go. That milk tasted just fine.

I forget how old I was when my mother confessed to this ruse. I think I was still a preschooler as, I believe, we had switched over to powdered milk by the time I was in school. But when she told me about her strategy I recall thinking, Are mothers allowed to do that?

Well played, Mom.

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”   Milton Berle

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