A Reasonable Facsimile

A Reasonable Facsimile

Before I tell this story I want to point out that the teacher mentioned was one of the most dedicated, sincere and enthusiastic teachers with whom I have worked. Teaching was so the right career for her. The use of some technologies, however, were just not her forte.

She approached me one day and mentioned that she needed to send a fax. Fax machines had been in schools for about ten years but I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t know how to use one.

“No problem. Do you have the number to which it is to be sent?”

She gave me the number and I placed her letter in the machine. I explained what I was doing and typed in the receiving number. I pressed send and the letter was fed through the machine and slowly came out the other side.

She spoke, “Is looks like the machine is broken.”

“No. The fax was sent okay. Why do you think that?”

“Well, I see that the letter was returned.”

I didn’t know what to say. How could I let her down gently? She believed that the machine somehow crumpled up the paper and sent it through the telephone wires.

“Ah, well actually the machine sort of takes a picture of the paper and sends the picture through the wires. You get to keep the original.”

She was good with that.

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