The Price is Right

The Price is Right

We were trying to figure out what the price should be for tickets for our spring musical. For the previous show we had one price for adults and another for seniors and students. To simplify things we decided that all tickets would be priced the same. The show was worth at least the $8 we were asking and, at that price, we were confident we would break even.

Following one of the performances, a retired couple approached me. I knew them fairly well and they had a grandchild in the show. It was nice to see them out for the performance.

“We really enjoyed the show, thank you. We were disappointed, though, that you didn’t have a special price for seniors.”

I responded, “Oh we did. We simply gave the seniors’ rate to everybody.”

I think we were happy with my answer.

This story reminds me of one my oldest brother tells. Splane’s Sporting Goods was a family owned sports store on the east side of Saint John. I would occasionally be with my brother when he stopped by to purchase hockey sticks.

One day a fellow entered the store and asked, “Do you have tennis rackets?”

The clerk replied, “Yes we do. They are $14.”

“Fourteen dollars! They are only $11 down the road.”

“Why didn’t you buy one there?”

“They we all out.”

“Well, ours are only $8 when we don’t have any.”

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