Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

My grandson was born in April of last year. He is now fourteen months old and a great source of joy. This story took place last August.

I dropped in at Northeast Equipment in Saint john. It is an industrial plumbing store and I knew I would find what I needed. I entered the shop and approached the service desk. The fellow behind the counter looked up at me and offered his assistance.

I looked at him and said two words, “Buried treasure.” He didn’t say a word, he just started at me with a look of bewilderment.

I want to bury a treasure.” His expression did not change. I waited a few more seconds.

My grandson is four months old. I want a piece of 5 inch, PVC pipe approximately 12-14 inches in length. I want caps for both ends so that I can make it watertight. I am going to fill it with neat stuff and when he is eight years old we are going to dig up a treasure.”

His expression changed. He smiled and said, “What a great idea. Come with me.” I followed him to the back of the shop. On the way he grabbed a hacksaw and, pointing to me, said to one of his colleagues, “Do you know what this guy is doing? He is going to bury a treasure for his grandson. When the boy is eight years old they are going treasure hunting.”

Behind the building there was a rack with various diameters of piping. He pulled out a piece of 5” pipe and confirmed the length I wanted. He said, “Do you see the other end of this piece? It is broken. That means I don’t have to charge you for it.”

We went back inside and he selected the caps I would need for either end. I paid for the caps and thanked him for his cooperation. I then proceeded to Toys ‘R Us.

A young clerk approached me and said, “May I help you?”

Buried treasure.” There was that look of bewilderment again.

I want to bury a treasure.” He looked like he was about to back away.

I then detailed my quest and he too became excited; in fact, another clerk joined us and the three of us went in search of neat stuff that an eight year old might like. I could go into detail as to what is in the canister but, conceivably, this blog will still be active when my grandson is able to read. So, I will keep it a secret.

Someone said to me, “That’s a great idea – you should patent it.” That’s a nice suggestion but I think pirates through of it first.

Let’s hope in another seven years I can remember when I buried it.

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6 thoughts on “Buried Treasure

    1. My son-in-law actually took a picture of me digging the hole with lots of landmarks visible. I just have to remember where I put the picture.

      Regarding the search itself, my plan is to have a series of clues, one leading to another, with a map to the treasure being the final step.


  1. Hey Jamie, I so wish I had thought of this when my kids were young. Anyway, I am making up for it now.

    The day after I buried the canister I noticed that the sods were overturned. My first thought was that someone dug up my treasure. On closer inspection I found it to be still in the ground. My guess is that a skunk was looking for grubs. Thankfully, he wasn’t interested in my stash.


  2. Cousin David here… I buried treasure (Canadian Gold) in a cave in Cuba.. for a man who was visiting the resort that I was at… 5 months later.. I made a treasure map on real parchment, torn edges and burnt. and hid it in the door frame of the Bohio (traditional Cuban house) that was in the resort garden. The “gold” was a 1/2 litre of maple syrup…


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