How do you like your Coffee?

How do you like your Coffee?

I started drinking coffee in high school. The beverage and I have been constant companions since. In most of my schools I became the coffee-guy; you know, the person who first prepares the coffee in the morning and who hassles those who empty the pot but don’t refill it.

Only once have I gone a week without coffee and that was in 1978. That summer, we spent a week mountain climbing in British Columbia and purposely did not pack any. We did have teabags but, up until that time, I wasn’t a tea drinker. Each night we would sit around a fire and boil up a pot of tea.

Back in those days I was a 2-cream-2-sugar kind of guy when it came to coffee. With tea being the only option while in the mountains I figured I should have milk and sugar; however, we didn’t have any sugar and the only milk we had was powered and was for cooking only. As a result I learned to drink my tea black and have done so ever since.

One afternoon, about twenty-five years ago, some friends dropped over. I was preparing coffee and asked my buddy how he would like his. He answered, “One sugar, no cream, thank you.”

I responded, “Sorry, we don’t have any cream. Would one sugar and no milk be OK?”

He was good with that.

Only on one other occasion have I been able to use that line, but it’s a good one.

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