Heart Attack Humour

Heart Attack Humour

I had lunch with six friends last week. Four of us were retired teachers.

Unfortunately, one of the guys had a heart episode last fall. He is alright now but it certainly shook him up a bit; in fact, it served as a reminder to all of us of the uncertainty that lies on the horizon.

He mentioned that after the chest pains started, his wife called 911. In quick-time, the fire department arrived and, a short time after that, the paramedics appeared. There were four rescue personnel with him and his wife while he was being prepped for the ride to the hospital.

He was asked if he was on any medications. He was then asked if he had recently taken any sexual-enhancement drugs.

He answered, “No” but then turned to his wife and said, “Unless you put some in my orange juice again this morning.”

She didn’t find that funny AT ALL, but how could she get angry. He was, after all, having a heat attack.


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