Downhill from Here

Downhill From Here

I first started teaching in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. We bought a house in Pasadena which was a twenty minute drive from work. Everyday I had the pleasure of driving along the Humber River to get to school. It was the most scenic of drives.

The route took me past the Marble Mountain Ski Resort. It was the most impressive section of the drive. Now I should point out that I am not a skier. I have too much respect for gravity and stationary objects such as trees; however, that doesn’t take away from my respect for those who ski and, particularly, those who do it well.

During the early months of winter that first year I would often hear my students talking about their skiing exploits on the mountain. A number of them were competitive skiers. It was neat to hear them talking about something for which they had a lot of passion.

During these conversations I would often hear them refer to one of the ski runs as OMJ. I was curious.

Fellows, what is OMJ?”

That the toughest run on the mountain.”

Why do they call it OMJ?”

Well, Mr. Caines, when get to the top and look down the run for the first time, the first words out of your mouth are, Oh My Jesus!

If you go to the resort’s website you see that the actual name of the run is Blow Me Down, but out of respect for the nickname it is listed as, Blow Me Down (OMJ).

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