Snack Time

Snack Time

A number of years ago we, as a staff, had a presentation by a dietitian. It was during one of our professional development days. The focus was on healthy eating.

During the session, the dietitian had a number of suggestions for healthy snacks. At one point she said that eight almonds would be a nice snack. Eight almonds, really? I thought to myself, ‘She must have meant eight almond bars.’

A few years later I decided to have a one-on-one session with a dietitian. There was one associated with the gym I attend, and 80% of the cost would be covered by my health plan. The reality was, I had gained a pound a year since I was married. I figured I either needed to change that pattern or get a divorce. I was curious to know what suggestions the dietitian would make.

One of the strategies she suggested was to have a snack one hour before the evening meal. I thought that that was an odd suggestion; however, she explained that a snack would help curb one’s appetite. When the meal was served an hour later you would not feel so hungry and, perhaps, would be less inclined to have seconds. That made sense.

Near the end of the session she handed me a plan with a number of suggested meal items and servings. As she explained how the charts and information were organized I noticed one of the suggested snacks was 10-12 almonds (at least that is better than 8). I had to ask.

“Excuse me, but I see 10-12 almonds listed as a healthy snack.”

“That’s right. Almonds are a good source of protein and other nutrients.”

“How big are these almonds?”

Putting her thumbs and index fingers together she demonstrated the size. “Just regular almonds.”

“Do you mean 10-12 almonds located inside an almond bar?”

“No. Just 10-12 almonds.”

“I’m sorry, but when I eat almonds, 10-12 end up on the floor or in the crevices of the recliner.”

She wasn’t impressed.

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